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“The Game Changer”

A documentary to investigate a major breakthrough in cancer treatment using Low Dose Naltrexone.

"This is an incredible breakthrough, please help us to spread the word as widely as possible"

Linda Elsegood
LDN Research Trust

What’s the documentary about?

The use of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in cancer treatment has been examined for some time and now we are on the verge of a major breakthrough in its use to treat and kill cancer cells. Described by one of the UK’s leading cancer doctors as a “Game Changer” for the way that cancer can be treated and which may give patients a whole new perspective and quality of life.

All will be revealed in early 2016 when a medical paper will be published detailing how LDN can be used to “kill” cancer cells. We are making a documentary about this incredible discovery and we are seeking support to make the film even better. The film has been started but we seek further funding to complete the documentary and make it the very best piece of work that it can be.

Why do we need funding?

The film has been started and the initial costs have been met but we seek funding to complete the filming and make it the very best piece of work that it can be. We know how important this is for the future of cancer treatment and we need to get the word out there. Unfortunately things do cost money and whilst many are donating time to make this project a success we still need to raise substantial funds to fully investigate and understand these findings.

Your generous funding can help us meet the costs of Equipment hire, Travel and accommodation, Music Licensing, Marketing and PR, Graphics and Editing Time. The more we raise the better it can be. We are expecting this to become big news when the story breaks and for it to become an international story with potentially millions of views. This will provide sponsors with incredible exposure and underlines just how important it is to get this project right.

Donations & Sponsorship

Below are the options open to those who wish to help us. You can donate anonymously or you can choose one of the other options available. Once you have clicked the donate button on your chosen value you will be asked to checkout and use PayPal to complete the transaction. We use PayPal as we get preferential rates and we don't lose donor money unnecessarily in credit card fees. Should we exceed our funding target we will put the additional funds towards future documentary films about LDN.

Gift Aid

We would welcome you gift aiding your donations as we can claim an extra 25% from HMRC.


Thank you. Your donation is brilliant and means so much to us and assists in furthering this project. We will put your donation to good use and if you tick the Gift Aid box then your donation becomes 25% larger as we can reclaim Gift Aid from HMRC. 


A big hug will be yours when we meet and we will publicly thank you on the LDN Research Trust Facebook page. This is hopefully going to become a large roll call of names as we really strive to reach a funding level that can make this a genuinely special project. You will be able to know you have made a significant contribution and assisted in raising awareness of not only this breakthrough but also LDN.


You are wonderful. This truly shows that you support our work. We will thank you on our Facebook page and send you an LDN goody bag with a few bits and pieces in. You will also be able to view the final documentary knowing just how much you have donated to this cause and that you played a major part in bring it all together.


Production Sponsor (7 left), and a major step towards funding the documentary. You will have your name listed in the final credits of this ground breaking film, get thanked on Facebook, receive an LDN goody bag and a big hug when we meet.


Sound Track Sponsor (1 of 2 left) - By making this donation you will enable us to license high quality music and take our production values to new heights. You will be listed in the initial credits at the end of the film and bask in the knowledge that you have made a wonderful contribution to the film and you will also receive 4 free live stream passes to watch the 2016 conference featuring Professor Angus Dalgleish as a key speaker.


Associate Documentary Sponsor (1 of 3 left). - We are seeking three incredible sponsors whose donation will go such a long way to make this project a possibility. You will be listed 2nd in the final credits and you will also receive a big thank you hug should we meet and we will send you 6 free live stream passes to watch the 2016 conference featuring Professor Angus Dalgleish as a key speaker.


Principal Documentary Sponsor (1 available). - We can’t thank you enough but we will try as we can't achieve our goals without you. You will receive sponsors thanks in the opening and closing credits with logo plus number one listing in the final credits, a big thank you hug should we meet and 8 free live stream passes to watch the 2016 conference featuring Professor Angus Dalgleish as a key speaker. 

Anonymous Donation

We understand that not everyone wishes to be acknowledged publicly for their donation. To donate privately please select the options below and you will receive a quiet thank you from us and no more and only you will know how important your donation has been to funding this crucial film.