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LDN as a modulator of sexual function.


To expand the range of available therapies, the participants will be presented information on the following topics:

1. sexual dysfunction - a common but frequently neglected problem in the population treated with LDN

2. hormonal and neurotransmitter interplay involved in behavior and physiology of sex. 

3. overview of practical observations and current research on LDN and sex function

4. case studies and practical implications for patients and practitioners.


Mark Shukhman MD is a psychiatrist in private practice in suburbs of Chicago. Prior to becoming an MD, his interests included alternative medicine and mathematics. Dr.Shukhman’s practice is focused on such problems as mood, anxiety, sleep, sex, appetite control, memory problems, chronic pain and addiction to opioids and alcohol. Dr.Shukhman is frequently consulted on psycho-somatic problems and psychiatric symptoms, accompanying general medical conditions. Treatment approach is based on neuropsychiatric interpretation of symptomatology and usually consists of combination of medications with vitamins, supplements and reflexotherapy. LDN is a part of psychopharmacological armamentarium for treatment of mood disorders, eating disorders and addictions.

Dr. Shukman teaches, including “doctor teaching other doctors” He was on the faculty of a board preparation course, advisory panels, multiple grand rounds etc. He served as a primary investigator for a several pharmaceutical research studies.